The aim of this page is to provide a template that wiki contributors can follow when creating a page for a GWS character. I have used Clarice as an example.

You don't have to finish a character's page before publishing it. If you create the page and only put a paragraph about the character and a picture that still more than we have for most characters at the moment.

This first section of the characters page should include a brief character summary and a link to the strip where she first appeared in the comic.

(Amanda A.'s GWS tags list, and appearance list, is your friend for finding when a character first appeared and for filling out the Guide to Strips featuring X section - find it here)

About ClariceEdit

This section should include information about Clarice's background, employment, personality, sexuality, relationships including family (if known), hobbies and interests, and so on...

Guide to strips featuring ClariceEdit

This section is for a chronological list of the story arcs in the comic where Clarice features as a main character. Be sure to include the strip number and a link to the relevent strip. 

This section will be very useful for people who want to refresh their memory about a character's history or reread earlier strips from a particular story arc when Danielle switches the story across to a different arc. Here's an example:

Clarice the Matchmaker story arc

  • Clarice tries to matchmake between one of her library co-workers Beatrice and a library patron. [#1398]
  • It doesn't go well [#1411]
  • Clarice discusses the book "50 shades of #888888" with Joshua [#1426], a few strips later she accepts his friend request on BOOKFACE.