Reese is a minor character in Girls with Slingshots. He first appeared in strip 14[1] of the comic giving encouraging advice to Hazel. While he was very rarely seen at the start of the comic and later disappears altogether, he appears to have been a major influence upon Hazel's earlier romantic considerations.

About ReeseEdit


Reese is the first character in the comic that Hazel evinces a romantic interest towards; in an early strip, Jamie notes that Hazel has been nursing a 10-year crush on him. Hazel constantly called him for advice and comfort when she felt troubled. Reese appears to be somewhat aware of Hazel's romantic feelings to him; however, he does not reciprocate those feelings and is later discovered to be in a relationship with someone else.[2]

Strips Featuring ReeseEdit

Strip 14 - First mention, Hazel calls Reese for about her job worries.

Strip 101 - Hazel calls Reese again for comfort.

Strip 112 - Hazel and Jamie surprise Reese at his apartment in New York.

Strip 114 - His last appearance, and the moment Hazel finds out he's in a relationship.