Jamie first appears in Girls with Slingshots in strip 2[1]. Jamie plays the role of Hazel's best friend and #1 confidant. She often gives Hazel advice, which is seldom followed. She works as a florist. She has powerful boobs of persuasion, the first instance seen is of her unbuttoning her shirt to encourage a customer to buy flowers[2].


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She is a florist at Flora's Flora[3]

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On Valentine's Day 2006, Jamie and Hazel go on a double blind date, which leads to the introduction of Jamie's first boyfriend, Brian.[4]

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  • Jamie sets Hazel and Jameson up on a date in strip 20 - 21 to help them get back into dating as they are both rusty.
  • Jamie gives Hazel McPedro the talking cactus in strip 29.

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  • In an early strip, it is discovered that Jamie is a virgin by choice and intends to stay that way. #128- #130

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