Jameson first appears in Girls with Slingshots in strip 1[1] offering Hazel a cup of some loud and opinionated coffee.

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Works at the Joe Shmoe coffee shop[2].

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Maureen Edit

Jameson works up the courage to ask Maureen out[3] and the date is spent talking to each other on their respective laptops over dinner[4].

Guide to strips featuring Jameson Edit

Appears in strip 1 offering Hazel some coffee.

Helping Hazel with job search Edit

In strip 7 Jameson helps Hazel get a job babysitting, resulting in an angry Hazel in strip 11. He is redeemed in strip 17 by showing her an opening with the local newspaper.

Date with Hazel Edit

Jameson and Hazel go on a practice date set up by Jamie to help Jameson get the courage to ask Maureen out. The first date starts on strip 22[5] with Hazel setting the ground rules of no kissing etc and Jameson reiterating it's a practice date and that he's not "all about the cock. Maureen is first mentioned in strip 23[6] and while Jameson is excited to ask her out, Hazel exclaims she must be a sexual predator[7]. The date ends in Jameson kissing Hazel, to prove his "straightness"[8], and while he's unimpressed, she found the kiss "so fucking HOT"[9].

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