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Girls With Slingshots is a webcomic by Danielle Corsetto, a slice-of-life comic dating back to 2004.

A very useful strip-by-strip list of characters, tags and alt text is being compiled by Amanda Abbott and can be found here. The main character page can be found here.

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Girls With Slingshots is a webcomic created by Danielle Corsetto dating back to 2004 that originally centered around the post-college lives of main characters Hazel Tellington and Jamie McJack . Over the span of the comic, many side characters were drawn into the spotlight for their own story archs and have become part of the main cast.

Girls With Slingshots is generally regarded as sex-positive and has received kudos for including a wide variety of characters. Corsetto's diverse cast represents different sexualities, including ace and her own termed "whatever sexual", and many different members of the LGBT community. Corsetto has also touched on issues of social class.


In 2014, Girls With Slingshots celebrated 10 years of published strips.

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