Clarice Fitzpatrick first appears in Girls with Slingshots in strip 3[1] , where Hazel is giving her a hard time about working in a porn store. Clarice also works at the club as a professional dominatrix.(needs reference) Over the course of the comic she ends up pursuing her dream to work as a librarian.(reference)

About ClariceEdit


According to Hazel, Clarice is 24 years old near the start of Girls with Slingshots 135[2]. However in Strip 1688[3] Clarice says that she is 32 years old. Danielle confirmed in the comments of that strip that Clarice looks young for her age and she was older than 24 at the start of the comic.

Not a lot is known about Clarice's background or family. 


Clarice currently works as a librarian at the same library as Hazel's mother. Previously she used to work at a porn store but lost her job when the store closed due to the owner retiring 1145[4] - 1146[5] . Clarice has also worked as a dominatrix at an upscale strip club but decided to leave the strip club after an incident where a library patron tried to blackmail her through knowledge of her night job 1221[6]. She still takes private clients.


Clarice is single and has frequently bemoaned the difficulty in trying to find romance as an undercover domme 1642[7]. Recently she has been interested in Joshua - a book reviewer who often visits the library where she works.

Guide to strips featuring ClariceEdit

Clarice at the porn storeEdit

  • Clarice only appeared in the early strips occasionally. Hazel used to make fun of Clarice for working at the porn store, mainly because Clarice used to call it a bookstore and refer to herself as a librarian. Clarice is pissed off with Hazel's teasing but generally just glares at her in response [3 , 39 , 134 through to 139]
  • Clarice also appears in the porn store in 205 and 206

Secretly a Dominatrix Edit

  • While Hazel and Jamie are researching an upscale strip club for one of Hazel's articles they discover that Clarice is also a dominatrix 157 - 160

Librarian dreams Edit

  • In strip 163 Clarice explains that does really want to become a librarian, but she can't afford to switch jobs at the moment

Clarice the matchmaker Edit

  • Clarice tries to matchmake between one of her library co-workers Beatrice and a library patron 1398.
  • It doesn't go well 1411
  • Clarice discusses the book "50 shades of #888888" with Joshua 1426, a few strips later she accepts his friend request on BOOKFACE.

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